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On Friday, February 12th, Friends for Life Homecare delivered Valentine's Day Cards to Seniors.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, senior citizens remain in isolation. With Valentine's Day coming up, we wanted to do something special for seniors living in Assisted Livings and Rehabilitation centers. 

In the beginning of February, we put out a request for hand-made Valentine's Day cards from the community. Within days, our team received hundreds of Valentine's from Elementary Schools, friends and family from all over Long Island.

Finally, we delivered around 350 cards to The Bristal in Massapequa and Massapequa Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. Our team also brought a handful of cookies and candy to the facilities as well.

We want to thank everyone who participated. You made this day special for so many people.

Below we have listed Schools and Families who participated in "Valentine's Day Cards for Seniors":

Making sure that your loved one has superior home health care is just one way of providing the care they need.  “Aside from the potentially deadly physical effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis poses even more risks for senior citizens: Crippling loneliness, anxiety, and depression stemming from the isolation they face as...

Friends for Life Homecare recently celebrated 1000 Follows on their Instagram account (@FriendsforLifeHomecare). 

Additionally, the team announced the news via Instagram by posting a video. In the video, they dressed as seniors and danced with signs reading "1000". 

The following week, Friends for Life announced a Giveaway in honor of reaching their 1000 followers count. In order to enter the giveaway, you had to follow their Instagram account, and tag 3 Friends in the post. 

With over 65 entries, the team had a great deal of followers to pick from at random. Finally, they picked a winner of the "1000 Followers Giveaway" on Instagram Live. @PaigeyKatherine was the winner of a Friends for Life Giveaway, claiming her basket of goodies.

Not only was it a great day for Friends for Life to reach this milestone, but it was also @PaigeyKatherine's Birthday! It was truly an exciting day for everyone involved.

Thanks to everyone who follows Friends for Life Homecare's journey on all Social Media accounts. 

On Sunday, November 1st, Friends for Life Homecare participated in the Alzheimer's Foundation's annual walk. Friends for Life has been sponsoring the AFA walk for 3 consecutive years.

In the morning, the Friends for Life Team met at Babylon Town Hall to walk within the Respite Relief Park. The Park is the first of its kind anywhere in the country. It is serving as AFA’s model for sites across the United States.

Caregivers can use this park as a resource for relief. Therefore, it will help prevent "caregiver burnout". The President of the Alzheimer's Foundation says that the park is beautiful, peaceful and dementia-friendly. "The Respite Relief Park is a place people can go to get out of the house and learn helpful information."

Finally, not only did Friends for Life Sponsor the walk, they also donated tons of bagels from Broadway Gourmet for all of those participating.

To conclude, hundreds of people from all over the country participated in a virtual walk to support the foundation. It was a great way to celebrate the start of Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

On Saturday, October 31st, Friends for Life Homecare participated in the Babylon Village trick or treat!

The event began at 11am and lasted until 4pm. Families from Babylon Village crowded through the town to receive treats while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

Each participating local business hung up a photo of a pumpkin in their window. The town was filled with Halloween Spirit and excitement for all of the children getting to experience trick or treating once more.

The Friends for Life Team was fully in on the Halloween fun. They dressed as senior citizens, complete with grey wigs, walkers and canes. They wanted to dress up as the people they care for most; the seniors.

There were so many fantastic costumes on Saturday! One of the Babylon residents even came matching the Friends for Life Team. A young lady came by dressed as a golden age girl with a walker and red glasses.

By the end of the day, the candy bowl was empty. It's safe to say Halloween on Deer Park Avenue was a success!

On Friday, October 30th, Friends for Life Homecare participated in Park Blvd.'s annual trick or treat!

The event began at 3pm and lasted until 5pm. Many children from the area showed up in their best costumes.

Of course, COVID-19 rules still applied while trick or treating. Everyone was required to wear a mask while collecting candy from each store, and all residents had to remain socially distanced. It was nice to see children returning to some sort of normalcy after almost a year of isolation.

The children weren't the only ones in full costume. The Friends for Life team had a senior moment! All of the employees dressed from head to toe in their best elder costumes. "It was so much fun to dress up as the people we care so much about", says Nicole, a Friends for Life Employee. 

The team danced outside their store front and greeted the neighborhood with their "golden years" spirit! It was definitely a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend.


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