A Look Back at 2020

A Look Back at 2020

A Look Back at 2020

Finally, the time has arrived! We are moving onto 2021 and leaving 2020 behind.

What a year it has been. 2020 has been a whirlwind of unexpected events. Although we are going to look back at this year with negativity, there are many things to celebrate that we must keep in mind.

A Year of Change and Growth.

This year, many people had to adjust to change within their work environment. A large population of people had to leave their office and work from home. In many unfortunate cases, there were layoffs. We question how this could, in any way, be a positive thing. But for some, the push for a change only caused resilience. It caused a shift in perspective. It helped many individuals move forward and think about what it is they really want to do with their lives.

Change can be a daunting topic. Most people thrive in comfortability and routine. Those who had to stay home, unsure of when they would get back to their office, became more than just work-from-home employees. They became full time parents, full time chefs, full time teachers. They became amazing multitaskers and gained a new level of clients.

Teachers and students had to adjust to change as well. Students had to learn new means of communication, and work more independently. Teachers had to learn new technology, and think up ways to keep students engaged. They went above and beyond to keep our children educated, and for that, we are grateful.

We had to re-invent what was once so comfortable. It encouraged growth; growth that we wouldn’t have considered if we weren’t faced with such obstacles. Change is hard, uncomfortable and is usually gradual. But change is good and we are resilient.

A Year of Selflessness.

We started 2020 manifesting our goals for personal success, and once the pandemic began, we put our personal needs to the side. We watched our community become “Stronger Together”. Tattoo artists donated their masks and cleaning supplies, people began making masks from their homes, endless fundraisers, food donations and so much more.

We witnessed just how incredible human beings are. Every healthcare worker, first responder, and anyone deemed essential, put their lives at risk every single day to protect the lives of others. We clapped for them, we donated food to them, we admired and appreciated them. They are truly heroic.

A Year of Connection.

Our community stayed home to protect the health of others and for a year that felt so isolating, we were more connected than ever. It allowed us time to ask our family members and neighbors “how are you” and “tell me more about yourself”. We set aside time for those we seemed to never have time for before. We have become better listeners and helpers to those around us who needed an extra hand.

A Year of Small Victories.

We spent so much time with restriction, that we learned to celebrate the smaller victories. We were proud for finding a new hobby, for putting on a pair of jeans and for taking a walk. It is okay to achieve small goals and give yourself a pat on the back. Small victories are just as important as the big ones.

A Year of Love and Appreciation.

There are so many things we may have taken for granted before 2020 such as, good friends, family, good health, shelter and socialization. We never expected to have some of these valuables taken away from us or from people we know and love. Without even realizing, we were always looking for the next best thing.

We experienced a year of restriction and limitation, and it allowed us to appreciate the things we have and be thankful for what we already possess.

Looking Forward to 2021.

After reflecting on the year that has been, there is no doubt we have faced one of the most trying years most of us will ever experience. But looking forward to 2021, we are given a new perspective, new found strength, and the appreciation for another day. We cannot change the past but we can move forward with great stride.

Looking ahead, Friends for Life Homecare wishes you, your loved ones and all who surround you, a year filled with continued growth, selflessness, connection, small victories, love and appreciation. Hold on just a little bit longer, there are brighter days ahead.




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