We are “Massapequa Strong”

We are “Massapequa Strong”

The COVID-19 Pandemic has effected everyone in many ways. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs, suffered pay-cuts, or were left unable to work. One of the more painful repercussions from this financial hardship is the lack of food in many homes.

Amy Recco, Owner of Friends for Life Homecare, noticed a deficiency in local food pantries. This sparked the idea to help get food back on the shelves! Amy decided to start a fundraiser and sell T-shirts that read “Massapequa Strong”. This fundraiser was created to bring the Massapequa community together and help those in need.

Amy gave hundreds of individuals a platform to lend a hand and prove just how “Massapequa Strong” our community really is.

“Massapequa Strong” T-Shirt sales began on April 16th. Word about the T-shirts quickly spread throughout the community via social media and word of mouth. Almost a month after sales began, Friends for Life has sold over 1,000 T-shirts!

On May 13th, the homecare agency delivered a donation for $10,000 to the St. Rose of Lima Outreach Program. This contribution will benefit other food pantries throughout Massapequa, as well. Father Ken expressed his extreme gratitude upon receiving this donation from our Massapequa neighbors.

Friends for Life Homecare is thankful for the overwhelming response from the amazing community. In times of trouble, it is truly inspiring to see how people will come together to make a positive impact. These selfless individuals have helped raise enough money to make a difference in the lives of Massapequa friends and families who truly need it most.

Friends for Life will continue to sell T-shirts and raise money for the Massapequa community. If you are interested in making a difference in the Massapequa community, call (516)900-1818 to place your order today.

“We are stronger when we come together, we are stronger when we care for one another, we are stronger when we pray for one another.”

Father Ken, St. Rose of Lima Parish

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