St. Rose Valentines Day Celebration

St. Rose Valentines Day Celebration

Friends for Life Celebrates an Early Valentines Day with St. Rose Seniors

On Thursday, February 13th, Friends for Life Homecare hosted a Valentine’s Day Luncheon at St. Rose Bereavement Group.

The afternoon started with some delicious pizza and salads from Gregorio’s Pizza. The food was a big hit, kicking off the afternoon right!

Next, the seniors played a game called “Spread the Love”. This required answering questions and passing a teddy bear around the table until the very last question. Each winner was given a Friends for Life Teddy bear and mug filled with heart chocolates in honor of Valentines day.

The team also went around and took photos of each table in full Valentines day attire. Later, they printed a picture for everyone at the table to take home for keepsake.

The day ended with delicious desert from Broadway Gourmet as usual, and the Friends for Life team passed out goodies for all of the seniors to take home. Each senior took home a valentines day box of sweet, treats.

What a fantastic lunch with the St. Rose seniors! It is always so much fun being around such an upbeat, loving group.

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