St. Rose Takes a Trip Around the World

St. Rose Takes a Trip Around the World

Friends for Life shares tips and tricks for travel with St. Rose Seniors

On Thursday, September 12th, Friends for Life Homecare visited the St. Rose Senior group and provided a day filled with food, fun and (as always) helpful information.

We had travel agent, James Marino, come and speak about everything from safety travel tips, to group travel deals and experiences. The Seniors were thrilled to hear of all the wonderful opportunities and guidance he presented.

For lunch, Friends for Life provided a full buffet of Chinese food from Chow Superb Chinese Food in Massapequa. The delicious buffet included everything from egg-rolls to mu-shu pork. Friends for Life did not hold back when it came to feeding this room of 60. And of course, everyone received a fortune cookie.

After dessert, they played a world trivia game. Each table acted as a team represented a different country, answering trivia questions from geography, to historic figures. We ended the game with a tie of 2 winning teams, waving their flags high with excitement! This trivia game was a great exercise for the brain, and a useful team building activity.

Thanks to St. Rose for allowing us to come and share goodies and information with all of you. Special thanks to our guest speakers and hard working employees.


For More Information on our travel agent, James Marino, Click below to visit his website.

Interested in trying Chow Superb Chinese Food? Click below for more information.

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