On Friday, August 21st, Friends for Life Homecare celebrated National Senior Citizen’s Day in their new Babylon Village community.

The team celebrated by handing out individually wrapped heart-shaped cookies and lollipops from 12pm to 3pm to those passing by in Babylon Village.

The cookies were from Torta Fina BakeShoppe & Patisserie on Deer Park Ave in Babylon Village.

With every treat, they gave out information stating tiny ways you can help celebrate a senior today!

Friends for Life Homecare was filled with joy to see all who showed up to help them celebrate this exciting day. It is so important to the team to recognize the senior community, and lift them up in any way they can.

There are so many small ways to appreciate a senior every day. Here are a few ways YOU can make a difference:

1. Set aside books, movies or games to enjoy with your senior loved ones. 

2. Ask a senior loved one about their favorite memories and experiences.

3. Skype with seniors that may live far away.

4. Knock on an elderly neighbor’s door and ask if there is anything you can do for them.

5. Make a senior neighbor or loved one baked goods and drop it off at their home.

National Senior Citizen’s Day Gallery