On Thursday, July 11th, Friends for Life Home Care surprised the Romeo and Sunshine Seniors at St. Rose with a Lunch, games, and delicious desert! The Seniors ate the famous All American & Ralph’s and they loved it. In between lunch and dessert, we played a fun memory game to reminisce with friends and piers. As always, a lunch filled with food and laughs, is also filled with top notch information for everyone there.

Thanks to our friend Jessica from Clear Captions, the seniors got an inside look into this free phone service. It was a pleasure having Jessica join our visit. With all hands on deck, this was nothing less than a success!

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If you want more information on Clear Captions, click the link below to see if you’re eligible for this service.

To find out instructions on the memory game we played, message us here on our website, or message us on our Facebook page!