Coronavirus: Donating to our Local Rehabs in Babylon

Coronavirus: Donating to our Local Rehabs in Babylon

Friends for Life Donates Food to Rehabilitation Centers in the Town of Babylon

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Friends for Life Homecare visited Berkshire Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center. The team successfully donated 100 individual lunches to relieve those working at the facility.

It is easy to forget that not every senior is able to live in the comfort of their own home during this time. Some people may be living in an assisted living, nursing home or rehabilitation center. This means that there are hundreds of staff members working around the clock to ensure the safety of these seniors.

Because the elder population is deemed the most vulnerable to this virus, the employees and staff must work tirelessly to make sure these seniors remain healthy. They carry a heavy responsibility and the long days can take a physical and emotional toll on them.

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In order for the seniors to receive the best care, the caretakers must be in good health and spirits as well. To achieve that, Friends for Life decided to donate food to the entire Berkshire Rehabilitation staff. The lunches were fresh from Broadway Gourmet in Massapequa.

There is already overwhelming support in hospitals. Friends for Life decided to make sure rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and assisted livings were receiving help as well. Friends for Life appreciates those who work hard to protect our senior population.

The team is so grateful to be a part of the town of Babylon. It is a joy to be able to contribute to this new community. Friends for Life Homecare will continue to donate to communities and support those on the frontlines.

If you or a loved one is in need of in-home services or placement call (631)485-5574.

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