Caregiver Support Groups are Back

Caregiver Support Groups are Back

Caregiver Support Groups are Back

On Tuesday, May 25th, Friends for Life Homecare welcomed back our ‘Family and Caregiver Support Groups’. Our caregiver support groups are a wonderful way to connect with others, share your feelings and get the heck out of your house for a night!

It’s no secret that caregiving is an overwhelming task, even when it’s for someone you love so dearly. But often times, we forget to take a moment for ourselves (who we also need to remember to take care of). That’s why we started our support groups.

Pre-pandemic, we held support groups in our office on Park Blvd. in Massapequa. We would sit in a circle and take turns telling our stories. We would have apps, drink wine, cry a lot – but laugh a lot more. Unfortunately, the pandemic came around and we weren’t able to create the same experience.

Post-pandemic, we came back with our support group, but after a year of hardship, a lot more people needed relief. We re-located to Patrizia’s in Massapequa Park and it was bigger and better than before. We were able to help more people in a socially distanced environment.

Usually, when attending a support group, Owner, Amy Recco, tells her story and lets us in on her experience as a caregiver to her mother at home. Then everyone is given an opportunity to ask questions, chat with other caregivers and hear all about the other resources we offer. We eat, we laugh, we make new friends- it truly is a fun night out.

Our goal is to leave you feeling less alone, more relieved, and happy that you had a good time.

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